Community & Stakeholder Engagement

Aguila believes that strong community relations are the foundation of business, and fundamental to creating a safe, sustainable and successful operation. Aguila places the highest importance on creating and maintaining open, respectful, proactive and productive relations with the communities impacted by Company activity.

Our business success depends on our ability to recruit and retain the most promising. As our business grows, Aguila commits to a transparent employment process, with emphasis on equality, diversity, workplace safety and employee welfare.

We will actively pursue the hiring of local people and businesses. We place a priority on using locally sourced products and services whenever practical, to benefit the regional economy. We wish to ensure that our presence in the local and regional economy provides the maximum in direct, economic, and social benefits to individuals, their families and other community members.

We treat our people fairly and without discrimination, with full regard for their human rights. We know that our success depends on their efforts, and in return we strive to maintain a safety-aware work culture in which everyone is continually reminded of the importance of keeping themselves and their colleagues healthy and injury-free.

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